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Frequently Asked Questions

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The duration of each class is one hour and it is held once a week.
The beginners module of Odissi does not require you to have any previous training in any dance form. The module is designed for complete beginners.
For the kids batch the minimum age is 5yrs – 13 years old. For the Adults batch we have students ranging from 14 years – 60 years old. There is no upper limit.
We do recommend checking with your doctor before you join the class. We also suggest modifications in certain postures or steps to avoid any injury, if you are susceptible to pain. We also share a few simple exercises to help ease the pain, whenever possible.

All the classes are conducted under our academy are taught personally by Guru Pracheeti Dange.

Accordion Content
We have a unique module based training program designed and structured to facilitate effective and easy learning. There are various resources that are made available along with personal guidance that ensure a unique and customized learning experience. We have had several students who have learnt online and have been performing Odissi at various international platforms and competitions.
Each online module is typically spread over 3 months and has 12 easy, structured lessons. Each class focuses on body-conditioning followed by a revision of the previous lesson. This is followed by teaching the new segments in a methodical manner, answering any queries that the participants may have and a practise of the steps or sequence learnt. There is also focus on sharing theoretical, historical, cultural aspects of Odissi in each class.
After every class the online recording of the class (one hour long) is shared with all the students to access and download for all online batches. Along with this, the videos of the new elements taught in that class, including steps, sequences, poses, theory, etc are shared on WhatsApp for easy reference. The students are expected to go through the videos and reach out if there are any doubts. We also do a revision in every class so that helps in picking up the missed sections.
The classes are held over the weekends, either on a Saturday or a Sunday, depending on which batch you are in. This will be conveyed to you at the time of the admission.